We're creating better experiences from store to door.

Reimagining secure, unattended home deliveries and reinventing safe, cold-chain logistics coordination.

HomeValet will be there every step of the way.

Joining forces with companies who are charting new territories with technology.



From pharmaceuticals to food, we develop solutions to monitor cold-chain compliance and improve the quality of temperature-controlled goods from the source.


Pack & Distribute

Our integrated solutions, from sensors to products within the manufacturing supply chain, ensure cold-chain compliance within regulated environments.


Point of Sale

We help retailers drive e-commerce and provide better delivery experiences, creating opportunities to reduce waste while increasing customer loyalty.




Our technology allows partners to improve product safety and meet FDA guidelines by strengthening cold-chain compliance throughout the supply chain.


Consumer Home

Consumers expect their food to be quick, fresh, affordable, and safe. HomeValet solutions let your customers focus on more important things – like living!

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We’re partnering with innovators, retailers, couriers, and suppliers.

Together, we can eliminate waste and keep customers safe.

R&D research and development

Product Innovation

We're working with partners to design radically new solutions built on our deep experience in consumer appliances and IoT technology.

  • R&D, prototyping, and testing
  • Integrated solutions
  • IP/patents
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Service Innovation

HomeValet is reimagining the delivery experience for companies and consumers, creating flexibility, visibility, and trust throughout the cold chain.

  • End-to-end customer experiences
  • Business models, workflows, and processes
  • Monitoring and measurement

Platform Innovation

Our extensible platform supports service logistics and provides a seamless experience across systems and devices.

  • Automation development
  • Systems integration
  • Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, IoT, FE/BE, and QA engineers

Improving lives & reducing waste

An improved cold chain could feed 950 million people per year.

Food waste is a global problem and cold-chain compliance is a major contributor to that; we're just scratching the surface of solving it by improving the last mile to the consumer's home.

  • Over 13% of all food is lost due to a lack of refrigeration
  • More than 1,600 million tons of food are lost and wasted every year
  • 20% of unsold food at the retail level is due to handling errors
large pile of garbage bags filled with spoiled food

Peace of mind for our partners and customers.

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