Sustainability & Community

HomeValet cares about the environment and the communities that we live in. Our mission is to bring greater convenience to package delivery, help to improve the lives of people, and to lessen our impact on the environment by reducing pollution and waste.

Lower carbon footprint

We are building a more efficient eco delivery system by reducing the amount of packaging required for home deliveries. By enabling for a greater reduction in paper and plastic waste, HomeValet aims to solve a piece of the environmental puzzle.


Delivery vehicle efficiency

With more efficient delivery routing, couriers can load more packages per delivery truck which enables less delivery vehicles, lowering fuel cost and consumption.

Our Smart Box is eco-friendly 

Our Patented Smart Box is energy efficient and has state-of-the-art cooling engine technology built right in. While most cooling devices have “always on” technology, the HomeValet Platform allows the device to be climate controlled only when necessary, reducing power usage.

Better and Healthier Communities

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The security built into the HomeValet Smart Box helps to reduce thefts of packages from your porch with an integrated locking mechanism and access controls.

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“Food Deserts” are communities of families who typically have to hold 2-3 jobs and turn to fast food consistently at meal time.  HomeValet makes it easy for these families to shop and schedule deliveries of affordable, nutritious food when it’s convenient for them.

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HomeValet helps keep immunocompromised persons safe by enabling contactless deliveries which limits their exposure to harmful pathogens and germs.

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HomeValet can help elderly and disabled persons stay in their homes longer by not having to rely on 3rd party caretakers to provide essential services.


With the ability to shop from anywhere, when it’s convenient for you, HomeValet allows you to spend more time doing the things you love.