The one and only smart delivery appliance.

A secure, automated, temperature-controlled delivery solution designed to withstand the elements.

temperature controlled


Experience unattended, 24/7 delivery of frozen and refrigerated items, packages and pantry goods.



Watch deliveries being made to the box and lock or unlock it from anywhere using the mobile app.



Smart Box automatically unlocks and adjusts temperature for deliveries before they arrive.


Groceries stay fresh while you go about your day.

  • Conserves energy when not in use

  • Regulates climate control on hot/cold days

  • Cools down for groceries quickly

Say goodbye to package theft.

  • Keep valuable deliveries securely locked up to prevent theft or tampering
  • Deliver prescriptions or alcohol safely without the need for signatures

Security Anchor

Tether the Smart Box to a nearby railing or support.


Auto-Activated Camera

Watch footage from the box when the lid opens.


Interior Lock Release

Easily open the lid from inside with the safety release.

Your Smart Box keeps getting smarter.

Behind the scenes, we monitor Smart Box temperatures and data in order to continuously improve energy efficiency and product quality.

  • Proactive maintenance and best in class customer service

  • Continuous improvements in efficiency - it currently consumes about as much energy as an LED light bulb

Smart Box

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