Still need more information? Read our answers to some frequently asked questions below.

How is the HomeValet Smart Box Powered?

Your HomeValet Smart Box is powered by a standard 110 volt outlet.

Is there a backup battery in case of power failure?

Your HomeValet Smart Box includes a backup battery which allows the box to function without cooling capabilities for up to 36 hours.

I don’t have a front porch, where can I place the HomeValet Smart Box?

Your HomeValet Smart Box can be placed anywhere that allows for delivery access and power.  We find that our customers are comfortable placing their Smart Boxes next to their garage or in their side yard.

How is the HomeValet Smart Box secured in place?

Your new Smart Box has an anchor point for securing it to the ground with a stake, chain, or whatever security methods work for you.  However, the size and weight of the Smart Box make it difficult to remove.

How do I clean my Smart Box?

For manual clean ups, we recommend using a soft cloth and a mild cleanser with warm water. Do not use abrasives or harsh cleaners.  Do not use a hose or fill with water to clean the interior as it will damage the electronics.

Basically, how does the IoT software platform work?

When an order is placed with a retailer, you will be automatically identified as a HomeValet subscriber.  The HomeValet App is used to track the progress of your orders and will notify you via the app when deliveries are made or if there is any change in the status of your order. At the time of delivery, the carrier will scan their package just as they currently do which signals the HomeValet Smart Box to unlock and receive your packages.

Who will be liable for the theft or spoilage of delivered goods?

Once a delivery is received and secured in our patented Smart Box you are responsible to maintain it’s security and temperature to ensure that spoilage does not occur.  Theft and damage may be covered by homeowners insurance.

What is “cold chain compliance” and why is it important?

Cold-Chain Compliance assures that the temperature of a product is maintained within a specified low-temperature range throughout the supply chain from harvest/production to consumption. Refrigerated groceries typically are stored at 37⁰ F, frozen foods at 0⁰ F, and wine at 55⁰ F.

An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, which maintain a desired low-temperature range. When groceries and certain pharmaceuticals are left on the porch of a consumer, the cold chain is broken and perishables may be unsafe.

HomeValet’s Smart Box is cold-chain compliant. Frozen and refrigerated items are maintained at an appropriate temperature range just like a kitchen refrigerator. Grocers and others delivering perishables may set the temperature in various Smart Box compartments based on the cold-chain requirement of the specific item delivered. The consumer may monitor the temperature in each compartment from delivery to retrieval from the box to be assured their perishables remain fresh and safe. For prepared foods to be consumed soon after delivery, consumers may turn on the Smart Box warming element so dinner is ready to serve.