FDA Food Safety Guidance and the Coming Food Delivery Chaos

TYSONS, Va. — 

HomeValet, Inc. CEO John Simms announced today a food-safety compliance and risk management system for food delivery from Store-to-Door. HomeValet’s new product and services offering follows the FDA’s December guidance addressing today’s unregulated “Wild West” of home food delivery, which lacks cold-chain compliant refrigeration, food temperature monitoring, and transparent compliance verification.

HomeValet’s system is comprised of a locked, refrigerated SmartBox monitoring temperature in freezer, refrigerator, and pantry compartments, controlling access and custody, reporting temperature and video, and streaming data to a SaaS cloud-based platform which records to a secure, encrypted database of record. HomeValet’s compliance software is SOC2 certified; the SmartBox is UL and Intertek safety approved. HomeValet’s integrated, end-to-end solution protects food in staging, transport and home receipt and is accessible by API’s and smart phone app.

“The Butterfly Effect of the FDA’s December release of guidance targeting the unsafe home delivery of groceries and prepared food forecasts a hurricane of new rules,” HomeValet CEO John Simms predicts. “The FDA placed a spotlight on the risk to the health and safety of American families from unsafe home delivery of perishable foods.”

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